Table of Contents

Below is my initial outline.  I’ll update the outline as I write and post each section. If I remember, I’ll make notes about each of the changes I make to the outline so that you can see how it evolves…if you like that kind of thing.

Chapter 1: Introduction

What is a Project?

What is Project Management?

Project Management or Productivity?

Project Management or Planning?

Project Management or To Do Lists?

Project Management or Technology?

What is Right-Brain Project Management?

What You Will Learn in this Book

Chapter 2: Get Your Vision Into Focus

Why Have a Clear Vision (example)

Get Your Vision Into Focus

Your Goals Must Be Crystal Clear

The 5 Ws

Don’t Get Stuck Overthinking

Brainstorm Your Vision

Chapter 3: Let’s Break It Down

Figuring Out What Your True Tasks Are

Your Definition of Done

Chunk It Up and Break It Down

Deciding How to Break It Down

Chapter 4: On the Clock

What Is the Project Schedule?

What Goes Into Your Project Schedule?

How to Create Your Project Schedule


Chapter 5: The Purse Strings

Estimating your Project Costs

Determining Your Budget

Review Your Budget Regularly

Chapter 6: People, Places & Things

Why You Need a PPT Plan

What Goes Into Your PPT Plan

Chapter 7: Little Hiccups

Why We Need to Think About the Bad Things

Where to Look for Risky Items

Is it a Bad Thing….Or a Good Thing?

How to Handle Issues & Risks

Managing the Opportunities

Chapter 8: Make It Good

Your Main Goal is a Happy Customer

Planning on Quality From the Beginning

What Will Your Quality Plan Include?

Fishbone Diagrams to Help Manage Quality

Quality Control

Doing Work for Someone Else

Chapter 9: Talk It Over

Why You Need a Communications Plan

How to Develop Your Communications Plan

How to Communicate

Your Customers Are Part of Your Project

How to Tell Your Team How the Project Is Going

Project Health

Chapter 10: The Party’s Over

Closing Down Your Project

Your Project Report Card

The Big She-Bang

Last updated:

3/20/17 – set up the original outline from my notes.