Project Management or Planning?

Another thing I would like to touch on is planning. Namely, planning out your day or week or month, in a planner or calendar. There are many types of planners you can work with to get organized and keep you on track: standard monthly planner with weekly spreads or daily pages, bullet journals, online planners like PlanPlus and DayViewer, Google or Outlook calendars, mobile planning apps and so many other options! However, this is not the full breadth of project management.

Project management is not only about getting your task list into a planner or plotted out in your calendar. Project management will help you to know which tasks to schedule, how long to schedule them for and when to schedule them. Taking control of your projects will help you to improve collaboration as you are taking into account the calendars of others that are working with you.

As we begin to talk more about right-brain project management and you begin to learn how to estimate time for your tasks, you will see how easy it will be to add these tasks into your favorite planning system, regardless of what it is. Right-brain project management isn’t about changing your favorite tools, it is about getting your favorite tools to work better for you to get your projects completed.

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